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    Research projects to optimise technologies and develop & validate test prototypes

    ​Our research scientists have ample experience in optimising molecular technologies, bead-based multiplex assay development, developing quality control material.  Areas include oncology, neuroscience and research on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) induced immune response. 

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    Fully supported by Luminex Corporation, ThermoFisher, NMI-TT, miRXES  

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The year 2020 presented us with major challenges.  We are happy to announce that we secured freedom-to-operate in Europe for the first multiplex assay to classify breast cancer.   Ongoing projects include analysis of FFPE biopsies, xenograft classification, exosome research and many more.

Join us in our mission:

  • An RUO molecular classification of breast cancer is now approved for sale in Europe.
  • Prevention of colorectal cancer is also high on our agenda.  Learn more about the Gut restore program as an actionable tool to reduce intestinal inflammation. 
  • Our R&D embarked on setting up sensitive techniques to measure biomarkers in blood-derived exosomes.
  • Our professional team is seeking partnerships to enhance market entry and develop new products. 
  • Our commercial team is providing high quality reagents for research institutions, including cutting edge technologies and services.

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Research Projects & Innovations


To synergise the advantages of microfluidics, and multiplex bead based assays, to measure biomarkers in blood-derived exosomes.


Innovative molecular profiling assays to classify tumours.  We developed multiplex assays for academic research and clinical laboratories.

Gut Restore Program

A 6-month program to restore intestinal function. Includes microbiota and lipid profile test.


To innovate a companion diagnostic product that predicts use of specific therapeutics in Epilepsy.

Previous Projects

A molecular test was developed that measures COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) immune response for vaccine surveillance.

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The executive team brings together a wealth of experience in health management, quality standards, commercial licensing, scientific excellence and product development & innovation.  Together with the scientific team the company invested in research projects to enable innovations and secured international reputation with more than 10 partners globally.

  • innovative cancer tests
  • accurate & sensitive measurements
  • enable use of low input, low quality precious patient material
  • clinical relevant solutions in oncology 
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