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Omnigene Medical Technologies Ltd. is a biotechnology start-up company, with the capacity of providing advisory services in genetic analysis, quality control of multiplex assays based on xMAP technology, and plans to set up an in vitro diagnostics manufacturing site providing kits for the diagnostic services. 

Through collaborative efforts with international partners, the company enhanced its capacity to generate innovative products in the field of oncology, neuroscience and emerging needs as evidenced by the research project on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) immune response for vaccine surveillance.

Our Vision and Mission

The main mission of the company is to: 

(i) provide genetic advisory services, 

(ii) provide quality control material and quality control services, 

(iii) research and development to generate innovative prototypes for academic  and diagnostic use and optimise technologies to enable workflows for challenging sample material, and 

(iv) license-out developed intellectual property, where suitable.

Our vision is to position ourselves as influencers in the field of patient management, cancer screening programs and emerging medical needs.

Our History

Omnigene Medical Technologies Ltd. was created in February of 2019 and currently negotiating agreements enabling the application of the Invitrogen™ QuantiGene Plex™ Assay (ThermoFisher) in RNA-based assays to measure gene amplification in tumour tissue samples and liquid biopsies. The product to classify breast cancer at a molecular level was granted market entry in Europe as an RUO product. 

Omnigene Medical Technologies Ltd. is lead partner in a FUSION project (R&I-2020-011-V) entitled "Profiling of tumour derived microvesicles using an innovative multiplex microfluidic assay.  (m3PROFILER)" and also a partner of the approved projects R&I-2017–029–T, Boosting K+ channels in Neurological Diseases, and the project COV.RD.2020-03 entitled, "Development of a multiplex assay to determine SARS-CoV-2 strains and specific antibody producing transcripts (CoV-plex).

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