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Omnigene Medical Technologies promotes disease prevention and programs aimed to resolve intestinal inflammation. Take the Journey with our clinics to restore gut heath. Protect yourself with Lifestyle interventions and Balance your Health. 

Dysbiosis Test

To measure the balance of microbiota in the gut and provide a dysbiosis index score.

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Innovative tests  

An RUO molecular classification of breast cancer is now approved for sale in Europe.
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Upcoming products & services

Our strategic development pipeline includes the automation and miniaturisation of multiplex assays to read amplification in colorectal cancer - derived exosomes in blood; early detection of colorectal cancer using microbiota and methylation tests; and innovate programs for Lifestyle interventions to prevent disease

The merge and optimisation of microfluidic systems, automated bead-droplet workflow and multiplex bead assays, to capture and characterise exosomes is aimed at detecting colorectal tumours from a blood samples. The proposed novel approach allows isolation of exosomes from a clinically feasible volume of blood, amplifying sensitivity while maintaining specificity (M3 Profiler).

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Simpliplex Cancer Molecular Classification

An RUO molecular classification of breast cancer is now approved for sale in Europe.

CE-IVD Dysbiosis test

Dysbiosis test using a fecal sampler. Quantification of 50 bacterial families to generate a dysbiosis index and functional profiles assisting personalised interventions.  The tests provides a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and identifies the cause of intestinal inflammation related to metabolic diseases, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions.

Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Detect

The CRC Detect is a real-time PCR test measuring the methylation state of genes that are associated with early detection of colorectal cancer.  DNA is extracted from a fecal sample and the analysis is done in a licensed clinical laboratory.  

The result indicates the presence of early disease (early adenomas) and supports colonoscopy results.  The test should be recommended to FIT positive individuals that are not compliant with the colonoscopy procedure.  A positive result shall be confirmed.

Omnigene Medical Technology Ltd partnered with academic and biotech companies to expand the line of research, including early detection of colorectal cancer, measuring pre-lesions of cervical and colorectal carcinoma, dysbiosis (imbalance in microbiota) testing towards measuring intestinal inflammation and many more.  

Exosome research

We provide contract research for exosome isolation and characterisation.   Reagents are being developed for commercialisation.

Lifestyle Medicine Clinics

Following the success of the Gut Restore Program at Saint James Hospitals, we are launching a innovative programs in the areas of metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular protection, Longevity ...

Autoimmune Disease

We provide clinical testing services using multiplex panels for the following autoimmune disorders:

● Connective Tissue Diseases : Lupus, Scleroderma, UCTD, Sjögren,...

● Autoimmune Thyroïditis
● Rheumatoïd arthritis
● Celiac disease
● Anti-Phosholipids Syndrome
● AI Liver diseases

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We partner with our customer to provide the best products and services. 

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Dysbiosis test
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Breast Cancer classification test

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